An analysis of the imaginary invalid by moliere

Purgon, physician of Argan. Diaforious is most happy about in his son, though, is that he blindly adheres to the ancient medical beliefs and refuses to believe the new modern ideas like " circulation of the blood.

Beralde has a new suggestion. Argan rises from the bed and hugs her. His name is Thomas Diafours. After spouting more of this medical nonsense, the "doctor" leaves and Toinette comes back on as herself, supposedly outraged that the departing "doctor" has been trying to take liberties with her wanting to "take [her] pulse".

They also have servant called Toinette. He has a fancy prepared speech ready for every member of the family. She tells him that his youngest daughter, Louison, saw everything. Beralde his, Argan lied down on the bed pretended to be dead.

His maid Toinette looks at him and his hypochondria irony. He refuses to treat Argan any more and says that within a few days Argan will go from one horrible disease to another and finally die. Beralde tries once again to get his brother to give up his addiction to doctors, but Argan claims to be too sick.

Finally he stops, exhausted, and claims he is dying. He gauges his health by the number of purges and clysters he has had this month compared to last. Act 1[ edit ] The play opens with Argan, a severe hypochondriacgoing through the bill from his apothecary the pharmacist item by item. As for Thomas, it is enough for him that his father has instructed him to be in love with her.

Angelique even decided to throw Cleante Away and go to convent the way her father wanted. To distract his brother, Beralde introduces a band of gypsies who will dance and sing for Argan, so that he can forget his troubles.

He suggests that Argan should just become a doctor himself, since no disease would dare to attack a doctor. Fleurant, who claims he will never treat him again and that Argan will likely die in a few days.

Argan tells him everything that has been prescribed, and Toinette as the doctor contradicts every one, saying his doctors were ignorant quacks.

The Imaginary Invalid Summary (Moliere) - Summary of Molière's play

Eventually he gives up trying to scold her and asks her to call in his daughter, Angelique. He wrote 33 comedies. With that, Argan gets up and surprises Beline. Her relations with her husband seem calm and affectionate, but her true nature is revealed when she begs Argan not to talk about making his will, though she has the notary at hand to consult with him on this matter.

At this, Argan sobs. Beralde wants to hear no more of this. He is glad he has only two children; more would leave him with no time for his illnesses. She cries and says that she has lost the dearest thing in the world to her.

Toinette hints that she has a plan herself, but cannot tell what it is because her master has returned. Argan begins to get angry again, but Toinette steps in and says she has a solution to prove to Beralde how much Beline loves her husband. Cleante decided to do an improvisation that would let everyone know the situation he found himself in with Angelique.

Argan says that if the doctor is good enough for him, he is good enough for Angelique. Beralde then tries to convince his brother that since he has already fallen out with Purgon, he should consider a different marriage for his daughter.

She claims to be a world-famous doctor, and Argan believes her.Aug 17,  · The Imaginary Invalid Summary (Moliere) - Summary of Molière's play "the Imaginary Invalid" Updated on August 17, Slaven Cvijetic.

more. Contact Author. The Imaginary Invalid. First Act.

The Imaginary Invalid Analysis

Argan and Béline have two children together. Angélique and Louison, but it has to be said that Béline is only the step-mother – the Reviews: 1. The Imaginary Invalid - Act 1, Scene 1 Summary & Analysis Molière This Study Guide consists of approximately 51 pages of chapter summaries, quotes, character analysis, themes, and more - everything you need to sharpen your.

The Imaginary Invalid (), by the great comedic playwright Molière (whose full name was Jean-Baptiste Poquelin), is a satire about the 17th-century medical profession. Its intended audience was the French aristocracy, primarily King.

“The Imaginary Invalid” is a comedy-ballet by Jean Baptist Moliere in three acts. The work has the characteristics of an opera and a play and it was very popular during the reign of Louise XVI., and it was often preformed in his castle.

Imaginary Invalid Essay - Imaginary Invalid Moliere’s “The Imaginary Invalid” is a play about a hypochondriac who is so obsessed with his health and money that he ends up neglecting his family’s needs to better his own. Moliere sets up the exposition of the play in Act I by the apothecary bills Argon is reading aloud.

The Imaginary Invalid Homework Help Questions What are the major themes in the play The Imaginary Invalid? The play's theme include the following: First, Moliere satirizes or makes fun of the medical profession.

An analysis of the imaginary invalid by moliere
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