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Bengal was an affluent region with a Bengali Muslim majority and Bengali Hindu minority, and was globally dominant in industries such as textile manufacturing and shipbuilding. Congestion is one of the most prominent features of modern Dhaka. In the s and s, Dhaka experienced improved economic growth and the emergence of affluent business districts and satellite towns.

The Dhaka Medical College was established in The post-independence period witnessed rapid growth as Dhaka attracted migrant workers from across rural Bangladesh.

The stock exchange and free market were restored in the late s. The main expansion of the city took place under Mughal governor Shaista Khan.

Try to use a working definition from an expert in your subject area rather than referring to a general dictionary definition. In some years, the city experienced a widespread flash flood during the monsoon.

Hopefully it will be facilitating your knowledge. Structuring an introductory paragraph Introduce the context or background to the topic: Introduce the main ideas that stem from your topic: The name was dropped soon after the English conquered.

Perhaps you could explain the title in your own words or use a quotation from an author who offers a supporting or contradictory statement about your topic area.

During the political and constitutional crisis inthe military junta led by Yahya Khan refused to transfer power to the newly elected National Assembly, causing mass riots, civil disobedience and a movement for self-determination.

Dhaka in the s. The Viceroy of India would often dine and entertain with Bengali aristocrats in the city. The Bengali Language Movement reached its peak in Growing political, cultural and economic rifts emerged between the two wings of the country.

Inan Anglican bishop described Dhaka as a city of magnificent ruins. As early asthere were demands for Dhaka to host the parliament of the federation of Pakistan.

Tableropened in in Ramna. Are you using any complex terminology or acronyms that need defining? The city then measured 19 by 13 kilometres By the earlyth century, Dhaka projected itself as the standard bearer of Muslim minorities in British India ; as opposed to the heavily Hindu-dominated city of Calcutta.

Dhaka is one of the fastest growing megacities in the world. The riverbanks were dotted with tea houses and numerous stately mansions. Is there a problem or controversy with the topic?

A modern civic water system was introduced in The East Pakistan Helicopter Service connected Dhaka with other regional cities as part of the largest commercial helicopter network in the world.

The army faced mutinies from the East Pakistan Rifles and the Bengali police.

Champion their potential.

Islam Khan Chishti was the first administrator of the city. Bengal was reunited in The city formally passed to the control of the British East India Company in and Dhaka got plugged into the imperial mercantile networks of the British Empire.

What is the purpose of writing about this topic? Its muslin industry was destroyed by high colonial taxation, restriction of trade and forced imports of British manufactured textiles.

Dhaka was struck with numerous air raids by the Indian Air Force in December.

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The airline later evolved into Pakistan International Airlines. Dhaka became heavily impoverished. An introduction is like a guidebook to your whole assignment. Old High Court of Dacca The history of urban settlement in the area of modern-day Dhaka dates to the first millennium.

Dhaka was proclaimed the capital of Mughal Bengal in The first master plan for the city was drawn up in 7 Reviews of Article Writing Tips "Jakkas, ঝাক্কাস sir vice, i la ik this sir vice." Dhaka, Bangladesh. The total number of universities and higher education centers in Bangladesh is considerable, but still it is far behind those of the countries belonging to most developed parts of the world.

As a result, the international dissertation writing brands have yet to include Bangladesh as their favorite target segment. Md Rijwan Bhuiyan of Bangladesh University of Health Sciences, Dhaka BIHS with expertise in Qualitative Social Research, Quantitative Social Research, Special Education.

Read 8. The Directorate of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education on Sunday issued an order in this regard. One of them is to go online on the official website of the “Dhaka Education Board” and follow a few easy steps before arriving at the page with the results.

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