Consumer characteristics of aci iodized salt

This is basically a Conclusive research and data analysis is qualitative. While urban city dwellers have a choice between what products they choose to buy, without these local companies rural consumers have no products at all, forget choosing between local and foreign products.

Here top management is defined as those individuals in the company who are in the major decision-making body of a particular outlet. Salt substitutes have no sodium and use only potassium chloride, for people on a sodium-restricted diet. While it can be argued that Unilever Bangladesh ltd is a subsidiary of Unilever, a multinational company spread over half of the globe, and most certainly not local,it has worked locally to produce items that fit in with our society and our people.

We searched the following databases: Since recipes and cooking procedures vary in different parts of the country, and the number of dishes using salt is so large, it is difficult to know the overall iodine loss during cooking, and so far very little information is available.

Besides some local company also provide some chemicals for this purpose. This however, was rectified once full-fledged interviewing started for the final survey.

The four countries with improvements in coverage all had low initial coverage. There is very little possibility that foreign products will make their way into villages. Scope of the Research Trader, indenters and user chemical are Consumer characteristics of aci iodized salt be found in many locations throughout Bangladesh.

Canning and pickling salt means a fine-grain salt with no additives neither iodized nor anti-caking agents.

Doing a research of such proportions may have resulted in errors to take place. As my academic background is not from Chemical industry so I had to face difficulty to calculate the demand for different chemicals for different sectors.

Among the business entities, top management-namely directors, managing directors, were some of the respondents.


These problems include the use of uniodized salt in remote rural areas combined with the lack of adequate processing technology in these areas, which results in iodized salt of poor quality that does not meet the national standard; an unsatisfactory system for monitoring the quality of iodized salt, which provides no guarantee that the salt used by consumers will meet the national standard; the lack of knowledge of the public health significance of iodine-deficiency disorders and the importance of iodized salt for its control among the marketing staffs of companies that process and sell salt; the loss of iodine during storage and cooking; and the absence of nationwide systematic studies on the effectiveness of iodized salt in controlling iodine-deficiency disorders although its effectiveness in individual areas has been established.

The basic necessities of everyone are now available through our own industry. Critical Sampling Unit One of the primary limitations of this research was that the sampling unit was business entities not individuals.

On the other hand, the market interview can give ideas regarding industry related factors to demand as well as competitions.

Iodized Dry Sea salt Type T-3

A range of resources have been made available [ 2223 ]. Kohinoor and Keya also enjoy high sales as their market share at that time rose up to 25 to 30 percent.

Our slowly changing society is learning how to walk the walk and talk the talk. Kosher salt is a coarse flake salt. In this research, at times the respondents were reluctant to provide extreme positive or negative views and preferred to reside in the neutral area.

The company has diversified into five major businesses. In those days the local toiletries market was not advanced enough to meet all the demands of the people. The data collection method for the project was firstly, through interviews of the internal personnel of the company.

The exception is related to additives, either natural or processed. Most commercial salts other than Kosher Salt are fine-grain. There are strikes; hartals, blockade etc have hampered our natural flow of work. Even though probability sampling is used to select the initial respondents, the final sample is a nonprobability sample.

According to Conclusive research, it is typically more formal and structured than exploratory. The very theme of the report was new to the members; hence much-desired queries and information could not be communicated with the respondents.

This reduced the amount of sodium in the salt. We acknowledge that the pooled statistics used in this study are summaries of national data and are not representative of specific populations or resource-constrained countries in general. Iodine is added to table salt in the form of potassium iodide.

And nothing is more aggressively advertised as toiletries. Therefore, a recipe which requires one part of table salt may substitute 2 parts of Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt.Nirma Shudh Iodized Salt:. Nirma Shudh Salt, manufactured with state-of-art production facilities, using the vacuum drying process, is the only salt in the country to be manufactured in an entirely automated plant and is free from any manual handling, involved at any stage of manufacturing.

In addition to FIDEL Iodized Salt, we developed different grain sizes and characteristics of our iodized salt because we're not just promoting iodized salt, we care and value of our customers needs and satisfaction.

Product characteristics: 15 per cent Low Sodium Salt Iodised Salt – Iodine content over 15ppm Endorsed by the International Council for Control of Iodine Deficiency Disorders 3. It is generally accepted that lower sodium in diet.

Analyzing promotional strategies on ACI pure salt (internship report) Assistant Brand Manager of Consumer Brand (ACI pure salt), ACI Ltd for his guidance and cooperation to prepare this report.hygienic and iodized. ♦ ACI PURE Salt & I believe that purity is the vital essence of a happy & healthy family.

♦ ACI PURE Salt comes. The best in its kind, ACI Salt is vacuum evaporated, free flowing and properly iodized. It is also very porous and free flowing. Iodine is coated in every single grain which makes it an essential product for the children; the absence of right quantity of iodine in their food may cause mental disability to them.

Data were collected using structured questionnaire containing information on sociodemographic characteristics, income, education, and knowledge and attitude/perception factors on consumption of iodized salt at household level by face-to-face interview technique.

Consumer characteristics of aci iodized salt
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