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This is done by integrating positive ideals of various component parts making up parenting styles according to the culture in question. In Euro-American children for instance, the child may develop difficulties in acting independently thus requiring constant supervision and attention from the parent to their incessant dependencies Eysenck, The major parenting styles can be categorized into permissive, authoritative, authoritarian and uninvolved parenting styles.

As a result, the child has to follow a strict code of conduct that is defined by cultural and social requirements to the relation between a parent and the child. For instance, various institutions of learning attribute academic achievement in African and Asian children to their authoritarian upbringing which is not evident in their European and American counterparts.

At the same time, some association has been noted among children whose parents follow authoritarian parenting habits to academic prowess and psychosocial development Lerner et al.

At the same time the encouragement towards learning and the consequent teaching process that is Different parenting practices essay will determine how effective the parenting style adopted is in ensuring the positive development of the child.

This self-regulated learning encourages the child to offer a significant control of his or her own learning with the process extending to all aspects of attaining knowledge both at home and at school. Such similarities will be influenced by the universal requirements of good manners required in children when relating to older or equal aged individuals.

The potential results of this factor are demonstrated through immature behavior by the child who may also appear to be impulsive and too demanding for non-essential attention and other physical items.

As a result this style may be considered as the most beneficial parenting style for children in this context. For instance the benefits of authoritative parenting have been noted to be evident across these boundaries with most advantages being noted in the context of European Different parenting practices essay American children.

This style is considered as being a constructive approach as it offers the child a warm and nurturing environment to enhance growth and self-reliance. As a result, functions of economics are important considerations to take when making a critical analysis of parenting styles across cultures.

There are various categories that define parenting styles employed in various cultures. The authoritarian parenting style offers a harsh contrast to the permissive style in that the child is not offered leeway to their requirements. Use the order calculator below and get ordering with accurateessays.

Due to such attitudes and practices, the parents only consider the physical needs of the child, and they handle these with minimal effort and a limited consideration to the emotional needs of the child.

This paper looks into the various cultural disparities in child rearing and parenting while identifying the various factors influencing this diversity and the potential effect of these techniques on the child.

Chinese parenting adopts the context of chiao shun and guan which promote training in the child by the parents and the immediate community.

The level of strictness and control that the parent requires in their relationship to the child has been a major factor in determining the parenting style to be adopted. The cultural differences that are attributed to the development of the parenting style to be adopted will vary from family to family depending on how they are implemented in the context of the household.

However, critics of this form of parenting have cited its lack of emphasis of technical and cognitive development such as ideals of academic achievement. With an overall aim of providing adequate amenities for physical health and survival, parents are usually influenced towards child rearing practices that promote self-sufficiency, morality and affluence that is determined by their economic stature.

Proponents of the authoritarian parenting approach cite the virtues of obedience that the child acquires as well as the apparent resistance against social vices that children reared under other parenting styles may be vulnerable to.

As mentioned earlier, the values and practices of parenting styles, as well as their effectiveness, will be determined by various factors across diverse social, economic and ethnic lines.

In promoting self-regulated learning, the authoritative parenting style has been observed as positively enhancing this process due to the self-esteem and high esteem that the child gains from the process.

In the context of many African and Asian families, parents propose the adoption of authoritarian parenting styles when dealing with their children. However, these styles may not be as effective in Asian and African cultures who adopt other approaches to child rearing as they deem fit.

Socio-cultural and individual differences, Pergamon Publishers Chen, X. For instance the structure of the home environment will determine the approach that the parents adopt towards child rearing. At the same time early development programs enhance emotional adjustment at early levels to ensure that the child demonstrates adequate social and emotional skills.

The negative effects associated with this form of parenting when adopted by Euro-American communities are found to be less adverse when applied to the African and Asian cultures. This form of parenting has been cited as being a better indicator to the outcome of Chinese children in relation to the related child rearing practices that are adopted in the process.

In conclusion, it is important to note that parents will usually tend to adopt general parenting styles that promote the positive aspects of various child rearing practices.

The Chinese parenting style, which has elements of both authoritarian and authoritative styles, has been noted as having other positive characteristics that enhance its effectiveness making it as ideal as authoritative styles adopted by European and American parents.

Contact our live support team for any assistance or inquiry. The main reason cited as leading to uninvolved parents is that of social and economic requirements of the parents to work and provide for their families, leaving little time and energy to considering other needs of the child.

The other major category of parenting styles is that of uninvolved parents. The child is also equipped with the positive skills and attitudes that are characteristic of a self-reliable individual.You learned in your readings that parenting practices and techniques used to shape child development are influenced by many factors including culture, socioeconomic status, non-normative life events, and cohort effects.

To understand cohort effects, consider that the experiences of a child growing up in the s are different in many ways from a. Parenting Styles in Different Cultures Essay.

A. Pages Words This is just a sample. clinical and developmental psychologist, Diana Baumrind, recognized three different categories of parenting styles that she believed described most parents’ methods (Berger, ). We will write a custom essay sample on Parenting Styles.

Parenting styles are collections of parental attitudes, practices, and non-verbal expressions that characterize the nature of parent-child relationships. Because individuals learn how to parent from many different examples including their own parents, role models, society and life experiences.

Parenting Styles And Their Effect On Children Behavior Education Essay. Print According to the overall study of different parenting styles authoritative parenting is considered the most effective with fruitful and positive impacts on children's overall brought up as compared to other three parenting styles (Pressley & McCormick, child rearing and parenting styles across cultures.

Child Rearing and Parenting Styles across cultures. As a result of past and previous research into child rearing and parenting styles adopted in various parts of the world, various disparities in attitudes and practices have been ascertained.

Different Parenting Practices The right parenting style will create healthy, loving children. Parenting involves teaching children how to respect their elders, be obedient, have discipline, as well as provides support and love for your child.

Different parenting practices essay
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