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You can leave California, but the memory will stay with you forever. The light is light the hotel gives off, pulling in onlookers. The speaker wants a fix. He said in an interview, "If you drive into LA at night you can just see this glow on the horizon of lights and the images that start running through your head of Hollywood and all the dreams that you have" source.

Despite their inextricable connection to the state of California, no member of the Eagles was originally from there.

Hotel California

And this is just what the Eagles found in California more than a century later. It would be too simple if they were actually just friends.

It kind of scared us, I guess. This song is a great example of subtle symbolism used to portray deeper meaning. This is not an example of text written by our writers!

Apparently, something drastic happened to girls from the Golden State between and Whoever "she" is, she is showing him around California, and the California lifestyle, teaching him about the sex orgies, drugs and styles that come with the territory.

The Hotel California is this dark metaphor, a description of such a broken and low level of self-esteem that humans have become toys and nobody is real anymore. Last thing I remember I was running for the door CalCom: It just got bigger than we ever expected it to. This was common in the 70s, mostly because that was the best way to keep the band sounding powerful in the mix.

Shimmering suggests that he can not clearly see his Essay on hotel california. And still those voices are calling from far away Music: The people dancing, probably musicians, want to remember the past, the good old days, to forget the problems of the present.

Spirit may mean alcohol or human spirit. Drug use is continuous year round. Possible interpretations to her identity include Linda Ronstadt, a longtime friend of the Eagles who helped them get their start in the music business Tsangor she could represent the vision of glory that was always present in the band members, a vision which Henley felt wedded to DeCurtis, Mirrors might refer to razorblades used for snorting cocaine.

Satan was called the "Angel of Light. Bringing in new members. You can change you mind at any time, but you cannot get out. This is a symbol of the glamorous California lifestyle. And she said, "We are all just prisoners here of our own device CalCom: Fame was seen as a trap, commercialization as a travesty.

The speaker orders up some wine from the Wine Captain, who remarks that the speaker has brought the playful spirit of the s along with him. The band is just starting out, cruising around, looking for a break. The earth, the moon, and the magical path to enlightenment.

As the nightman of the Hotel explains, "we are programmed to receive. Pulling off the highway towards the shimmering light, the writer allows his desire to take control.

If he were in a cult, voices would be dead spirits communicating with him, or possibly other cult members, nameless and faceless in the shadows. Though they thoroughly enjoyed the money, drugs, and women fame threw their way, they were disquieted by it all, and sought to pour that sense of unease into their music.

There she stood in the doorway CalCom: Which aspect does the singer want? In the later seventies, heavy drugs were more prevalent than they had been before.Free Essay: I stepped out of the hotel and walked to the rental car with my older brother Sean.

Me and my family are in California for summer vacation. We’ve. There is a lot of symbolism in this song. Furthermore, the song is about a hotel from California, and a rock and roll band partying. The song meant many different things in the ’s.

Hotel California had many interpretations, such as referring to a mental hospital in California, and never being able to get out.

International Hotel (San Francisco)

HOTEL CALIFORNIA – QUESTIONS. Use the report writing guide from the course website, performing the analysis and answering the questions that follow. Writing Directions: Write an essay in which you discuss the problem as you have experienced or noticed it and then describe no more than two money-saving changes that California State University, Stanislaus could implement.

The change or changes could be on how. Hotel California is a song that is subtle because the song has many distinct images and unusual twists of phrases, there are several possible interpretations, philosophies, and ideas of what this song could mean to different people.

It does not mean that this song is not argumentative; it just means that it depends on the listener and there. Like most popular songs of the 70s, The Eagles’ rock epic “Hotel California” is written in a verse/chorus format. It contains four verses, two iterations of the chorus, a coda, and a .

Essay on hotel california
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