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The military officer should have been sympatric towards Iona, it was obvious that Iona was hurt and wanted someone to talk to. My grandfather is mentally disturbed.

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However, the officer does not seem to be doing his job, he is to worried about when he was going to get where he was going. However, it is sad to see how humans treat one another at a time in need.

Therefore, Iona once again blurted out that his son was dead. Anything that sounds wrong very likely is.

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In our society today people seem to think if they have a better job or live on the rich side of town that then should not have to be bothered with the less fortunate. One of the men was a hunchback. He took three men on a sledge ride. After my grandmother left, my grandfather started smoking dandelions.

If he were to ever break down and start crying he would cry enough to flood the world because he is so sad and has kept it inside for so long. Than instantly, the officer was yelling at Iona for the way he was driving the sledge. The first person that Iona tried speaking to was a military officer.

He seemed to express himself more clearly to the horse than he did the officer and the three other men. Iona does seem happy telling the horse about the death but it usually feels better if you have some who can understand you and give you advice.

Chekhov proves that in this society it seems to be everyman for himself. He had smoked too much dandelion. This will let your readers know what the essay is about, what point you will be making, or what greater knowledge you wish to impart.

I think that Iona had considered the fact that the hunchback was a loner because he got the shaft and had to stand on the sledge ride. When Chekhov said that Iona wanted to talk of it properly I think he met that Iona wanted to express his feelings. A Guide for Writers of All Ages.

Maybe Iona thought that because growing up, as a hunchback could be lonely he figured that the hunchback would see his loss and sorrow. Fiction paper to the horse made him feel better anyways. No that he had dropped the men off the sorrow began to set in again.

Then off we go! What are you waiting for? Iona just wanted someone, anyone to listen. This will encourage meditation and reflection in your readership, such that your essay will continue to resonate long after it has been read.

Iona who is obviously the human, and his horse is the beast. Once Iona had worked up enough courage to tell the military officer about his loss the officer seemed to be interested. Again, try to be as clear and concise as possible. It will tell your readers how you will be proving the claim you made in your thesis.

I opened the box and there was Gordon inside. This is where you can let loose and present your strongest writing. However, this is a little different than being at war and watching the guy next to you die. Since no one wanted to hear what Iona had to say, this resulted in him talking to his horse about the death of his son.

And as human beings we need to be there for each other. Keep in mind that your conclusion will not merely summarize that which has preceded it. Another reason why he may have been so at ease telling the horse is because he really just wanted someone to listen to him and the horse did just that.

He stuffed dead things, talked to my grandmother after she died, and smoked cigarettes he made out of dandelions. It is useful to begin your three body paragraphs with your second strongest argument. Remember to spell check. What Chekhov is saying is that Iona has built up so much sadness in his heart and he has to hide it because he has no one to talk to.

You would think that our society would be a little more sympatric and would not want to have a human resulting in talking to a horse.View Essay - English Fiction Paper from ENG at Liberty University.

1 Burt Fiction Essay COURSE B28 and TITLE ENGL Literature and Composition SEMESTER OF ENROLLMENT Summer NAME96%(91).

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How to Write an A+ Essay! By Andrew MacDonald on June 29, in Short Fiction “Congratulations on purchasing this book. My name is Dr. Irvin James, and I’ll take you step by step through the fundamentals Fiction paper the ESSAY.

All good essays at this level in your academic career should contain at least three main points.” (25). Andrew’s. Have you ever lost someone you loved?

- Fiction Paper - "Misery" introduction?? Just think about how it makes you feel. I know that when my best friend died I was so miserable but I did not want to be by myself. I wanted to be around my family and my friends.

I can remember. Fiction Essay Samples & Examples. Fiction is a significant part of literature. It helps readers to immerse in an imaginative world full of exciting events. Crime fiction - essay Basically crime fiction is the literary genre that fictionalizes crimes including a possible detection, a number of criminals and naturally their motives.

Often there is a certain structure which crime fiction stories follow. Free short fiction papers, essays, and research papers.

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