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A worker attitude towards work is directly linked to the job satisfaction; a worker who is satisfied with his job performs better and excels at what he does. Employees may compete amongst each other for appraisal or a chance to grab an available higher position.

Therefore, organisations looking to improve employee job satisfaction should attempt to meet the basic needs of employees before progressing Job satisfaction thesis address higher-order needs. This is further complicated when assessing across different cultures, languages and ages as they can all confound the results obtained.

The only time the two interact is while it involves work. They attain satisfaction both in life and in work.

Van Saane and colleagues [38] reviewed 29 commonly used job satisfaction measures they found in the academic literature: This avoids having discrepancy between the original and the translated version, which can affect the meaning of the measure; either due to a lack of compatible vocabulary or because of poor translation [40].

This may mount pressure on the employees and in turn affect their job satisfaction. School of Psychology, Deakin University, This is another form Job satisfaction thesis motivation but is not sufficient. The indirect studies, however, are vulnerable to a number of important criticisms, namely that other unaccounted factors might be contributing to job satisfaction levels [28].

These meetings should allow employees to ask questions and express their opinion. Several questions or statements are provided relating to different aspects of the job such as, pay, work activities, working conditions and career prospectsbut combines them to provide an overall score.

Alternatively, how rating scales are interpreted is impacted by culture. A good relationship is one where the management associates with its employees openly.

However, it is difficult to deny that the motivating factors influence the surrounding environment and has an impact on how satisfied employees are in their work, and that personality or the JCM do not fully explain job satisfaction. Employee Role Some individuals choose professions that they like while others end up in their profession due to pressure.

Empowerment is one factor that can motivate better productivity. This automatically affects productivity in a positive way. Within an organisation, financial compensation and healthcare are some of the benefits which help an employee meet their basic physiological needs.

Issues with measurements Despite the availability of questions and measures for assessing job satisfaction, there are a few issues that need to be taken into consideration when selecting a suitable measure and when interpreting the results.

This attitude will affect job productivity, as the employees will arrive to work with no motivation. As long as the employees are happy and performing, job productivity will increase.

Employees need to be free with the management in order to approach them when they are having trouble. Summary of theories Despite its past popularity, it is unfortunate that there is little empirical support for the hierarchy of needs and motivator-hygiene approaches [12] [14].

Good communication leads to a good relationship that in turn improves employee attitude and job productivity Mitchell. Extroverts are aggressive people and some people may try to avoid them.

Conclusion Considering that job satisfaction impacts every employee across the globe it is hardly surprising that it has received a lot of attention in the research literature.

An introvert will not easily socialize with people. In every organization, respect needs to drive how they communicate. At a European level the focus has been less about these traditional theories of job satisfaction [50].

A good performance in the organization gives the employees a positive attitude that improves their individual performance. The relationship between job satisfaction and job productivity is however not consistent.

Moreover, it is thought that when motivators are met the employee is thought to be satisfied. The theory suggests that human needs form a five-level hierarchy Figure 1 consisting of: Work environment A positive work environment improves on employee attitude.

Apart from free time on the weekend, which is compulsory according to work ethics, employees need to take time off from work.

This theory postulates that when hygiene factors are low the employee is dissatisfied, but when these factors are high it means the employee is not dissatisfied or neutralbut not necessarily satisfied.

This even includes significant employment changes, such as: However, when a scale of the same language is administered in two different cultures it can lead to respondents with different values understanding the scale differently [42]. Self-satisfaction leads to job satisfaction.

However, the two most common definitions describe job satisfaction as:Factors affecting job satisfaction: An empirical study in the public sector of Saudi Arabia Hamed Ateg Alsemeri Thesis in fulfilment of the degree of.

Job satisfaction: theories and definitions

JOB SATISFACTION AMONGST EMPLOYEES AT A PUBLIC HEALTH INSTITUTION IN THE WESTERN CAPE NEZAAM LUDDY Mini-thesis. Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment in Multicultural Work Environments in Norway Louise M.

Iden Supervisor: Aksel Ivar Rokkan Master thesis.

Job satisfaction. Job satisfaction is one of the most researched variables in the area of workplace psychology, and has been associated with numerous psychosocial issues ranging from leadership to job article seeks to outline the key definitions relating to job satisfaction, the main theories associated with explaining job satisfaction.

The topic of the thesis is job satisfaction and job performance at the work place. The aim is to define the determinants for job satisfaction and to. A DESCRIPTIVE STUDY OF JOB SATISFACTION AND ITS RELATIONSHIP WITH GROUP COHESION by Mark G. Resheske A Research Paper Submitted in .

Job satisfaction thesis
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