My dad

Anonymous, 28 My dad is famous, I find it funny some times. I love him so much. When I see him again, I hope I will have proved his faith in me had reason. I feel really lost without him here with me. He awoke from his sleep with stomach pain and coded.

Anonymous, 59 My dad is the man that taught me how to chop wood at the age of I love him, and I regret all the things I did to him. My step dad had to leave because he molested me.

Yesterday was his birthday. I love you daddy!! That man is my dad that I love very much. I just wish I could talk to him just one more last time.

I love and miss you Poppi. Now you My dad probably have known already. He was a hard working man all of his life and I believe God saw that he was tired. His spirit is somewhere in the universe blessing anything and everything it encounters.

May god save all the fathers and keep them close to their families. The angels will look after My dad now. I lost my father when I was 3 years old due to heart attack. My mom left him and he went on to have and raise two more daughters with someone else. I still miss him a lot and wish he is still here I wish I had hugged him a little harder that night but I am so glad he left us knowing how much his family and everyone loves him.

He was my rock, my inspiration, my motivator and an ever abundant source of unconditional love. I feel every word you say. My mum was 2 months pregnant with me: After a life-changing experience, he became everything but that.

My mom is having a very hard time, they were so close, the kind of love most people never find. This poem has brought a tear to my eye and it was hard to read the rest because this is no doubt my DAD by Ryley Wallace 6 years ago This poem was really good.

Your dad will be looking down at you now and will always be with you. Anonymous My dad is has a heart of a lion. He is my hero and the pillar that keeps our family strong.

In Memory Of My Dad

He was 64 and died of a heart condition. The day my brother was supposed to leave to go back onto his post, he passed away. His spirit is somewhere in this vast universe, blessing everything and anything it encounters. I was only 17 years old when he died after dealing with family generic disease of polycystic Kidneys and spent 5 years on dialysis.

My Dad was a very flawed human being. My father took his own life. I lost my dad 2 days ago because he had a heart attack. I know he walks with me and keeps me safe I think of him all the time. Now we are strangers. He was 62 years old and a very healthy and physically fit person. He was going to bed.

Short Paragraph about My Father – My Hero

Solatorio, Zamboanga City 3 years ago Every time I miss my dad I always look to our picture that was taken during my graduation in college. I hope that the person who wrote this will not mind my altering a couple of words and using it at the funeral.

The pain of separation is unbearable.Apr 25,  · Why not join our FACEBOOK page under "Thank you for Being my Dad" & leave a message. Music & Lyrics by Jon Barker. A son rarely tells his Father How he really feels.

My dad is an inspiration to me, such a huge part of my own identity.

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Always there for me, encouraging, loving. He was a feminist before I was and when I do the tough things in life I am aware that it’s his influence I am leaning on. Death is not the end, it is only a bridge to another place. I know this man Who is dear to my heart Suddenly one day It was torn all apart /5(K).

Read this short paragraph about My Father – My Hero. My father is one of the most important and respected people in my life.

He made a big impact not only on me, but on our entire family. Advertisements: He has worked so hard his entire life to ensure that we have everything we need [ ]. In memory of my dad. I love and miss him dearly.

If I could write a story, It would be the greatest ever told Of a kind and loving father Who had a heart of gold/5(K). My Dad [Anthony Browne, Margaret Ferguson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

From the Hans Christian Andersen Medalist In an endearing homage to dads everywhere/5(34).

My dad
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