My two passions basketball and education essay

I hope this idealism stays strong in future generations, and that these passions My two passions basketball and education essay be maintained for a long time.

That was my passion. I enjoyed playing the competitive sport of basketball. I attended an extremely sport orientated school at one point. The attack was chilling; the only thing this 14 year old girl wanted was an education, something a lot of us take for granted, but she refused to hide her dreams.

Since then, I have become more serious about my education, have actively researched politics and the right to education, and even gave essays on it to my history and English teachers at the time.

It was unlike any other time I had looked after them. The elderly lady might not have seen the passion that the youth of today has, but I have definitely witnessed and lived it.

I was just an innocent eight years old when my loving and generous biological dad lost his life from an extreme heart attack. The two of them were bopping their heads along to the music with the enthusiasm only a child could muster.

By the end of the lesson, the teacher had separated us due to constant chatting, and she is now one of my best friends. Although my initial instinct was to laugh at the siblings, I knew that this was the idealism of innocent children.

I am just a brown, skinny and tall Asian kid from the land of the rising sun and corrupt country, Philippines. I asked them what they were doing, and I was surprised by their answer. Tennis is like a time machine to me, with every match I take a trip back in time to experience the happiness that I did as a child again.

The idealism of children is one thing, but to have the passion that drives it is another. I came to California two years ago from the Philippines at two thousand twelve. I began to take extra tennis classes, and still do. I could see the girl and her brother on the carpet, sharing earphones, an iPod in between them as they seemingly coloured in some drawings.

I commented on how I was a huge fan of their music, and we spent the next fifty minutes of class discussing them and their best songs.

Our passions can bring us together; can help us understand each other, and can make us healthier both physically and mentally. I remember deciding to leave them to themselves, but my curiosity grew as if it were stuck in a pressure cooker.

A premier membership is required to view the full essay. I smiled at the sight and kneeled down beside them. They were completely disinterested in me, they did not want to play, watch television, or read a book.

I was in awe of her story, and found her determination and passion for the education of women incredibly inspiring. In a world that seems to juxtapose common sense, with Brexit, Donald Trump as the American president, and wars still raging on in the Middle East after decades, I find it easy to become overwhelmed and lost in it all.

Education is an important privilege, but I chose to be entertained which later on costs me my grades. The main reason why I still play at all is because of the way it helps to alleviate stress, and the way it keeps me connected to my childhood passion.

I have never disagreed with a statement more. Idealism in youth is found in the youngest of ages. The girl dreamed of being a pianist; at least I think so from the spelling, whereas the boy wished to be an astronaut.

The first time we had a full conversation was this year, when I noticed her rubber bracelet, with the name of a band I loved written on it. She nearly paid for those simple hopes with her life because she lived in a part of Pakistan where the Taliban were seeking control.

Report Story Write a personal essay on the idealism and passions of youth. In hindsight, running across one side of a court for over an hour trying to hit a ball over the net may seem idiotic, but somehow, I loved it. Despite both career choices being uncommon, it was a moment where I thought, it could be possible since those jobs do exist.

During the matches, the person on the other side of the net became your enemy, but as soon as the match ended you were best friends again. The ability to shape your own future is an idealism that can be afforded, and one that not everyone notices.

Tennis has been my passion for over five years and I always remember looking forward to the weekends, when I would practice and participate in tournaments. Coming from a poor family and lives in a small house, I had experienced the struggles, hunger, and violence which became my motivation to aim higher in life and be successful.It was played with a soccer ball and two teams of nine players each.

(There were 18 total students in Naismith’s physical education class).

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The score of the game was and William Chase is credited with the first basket in the history of Basketball; a 25 foot shot in the middle of the 30 minute game. All in all Baseball and basketball are two very fun sports, to not only play but also watch.

Basketball- Descriptive Essay Jogging/running is one of my passions; it helps control my asthma and keeps me physically Words: — Pages: 3.

My Two Passions: Basketball and Education Essay - At the age of one I was presented with two challenges, which are now my special interest. Challenges that seemed bigger to me than life itself. How to Write the Boston College Supplemental Essays August 25, Basketball and education?

Poetry and the environment? This is the perfect prompt to describe your multifaceted identity. Maybe your two passions lie in English and computer science.

With English, you want to tackle how literature can answer some of. Entertainment over Education. Essay Info: words. posting funny or attractive pictures and statuses on social media or simply doing our passions can be not a right thing to do if we chose to do it more than what we are suppose to be doing.

I am talking about the privilege to have an formal education. My two kind aunt and uncle had. Read Personal Essay: Idealism and Passions of Youth from the story English Essays by beeessays (Becca) with 1, reads. nonfiction, hopkins, personal.

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My two passions basketball and education essay
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