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Shall do one every sem from now on. Again, you can download all my semester files here. Yet despite increased interest in the histories and practice of cultural and natural heritage, there is little understanding of how their interconnection with decolonisation and the field actually took place.

MCQ as final exam? So, within a week you will most probably be lectured on two different chapters simultaneously. To be safe, I went to find out the average number of posts submitted per student then did a couple more.

Tweet on Twitter For NUS students, the most important period of the year is arguably the module bidding period because the two-week of virtual Hunger Games will determine the next 17 weeks of lectures and tests.

The good thing is: Which animals are not? Extremely high bidding points involved. Overall a light module.

4 SS Modules in NUS you should absolutely consider taking

But unfortunately, I am not Keep yourself updated with latest news and make sure you have the textbook no getting away with not reading the readings here! Taken in AY Semester 1. He made it quite competitive. So, if you want to score well for the module, you should google and read up on every species that appeared in the slides and note them down.

Dry and boring content. Plus, construct a convincing argument with solid evidence and quotations for your final exam. I thought I was gonna fail, so I did quite some past year papers and went for consults with my awesome TA.

You just go for the lectures and sit through them. The teachers are very anal about citation format so make sure you look it up and make it perfect, or they minus marks. Taking cultural heritage alone, anthropologists, archaeologists, architects and engineers worked across the decolonising world in countries like Egypt, Indonesia and Pakistan making the development of this new form of governance a reality; so too did experts from area studies, government survey agencies and philanthropic organisations.

He never finishes the slides. To be honest, although I bought the book, I felt that it did not help as much as I would have expected. Since the project plays quite a big role, it will be better if you take this module with friends especially the responsible ones.

It requires the group of members to design a poster that depicts one of the habitats in Singapore. For your tests, you should pay attention to lectures and tutorials. There are two lectures in a week and each lecturer will handle one timeslot.

However, if you do have interest in animals and plants, it will be helpful while you are studying as it will definitely feel less burdensome. The lecturer is from Hong Kong, is super funny and shows interesting animations during lectures. General Module Comments Personally, I am someone who likes to avoid subjective marking, so essays have always been a no-go after my horrific experiences from previous modules.

I really suck at describing things but this module is really a module that you should not miss out on! Nation Building in Singapore Photo therealsingapore. Most of the answers are pretty straight-forward, or you would at least have some sort of idea before attempting.This, IIRC, is the ONLY Singapore studies module with no essay.

So, v high demand, and it costs about + points to bid, but is wholly worth it. I learnt so much about the wildlife in my country, the workload is light, the lectures interesting. But if you really care for Singapore's natural heritage you should go for them because they are.

NUS Module SSS Natural Heritage of Singapore: A Review. A Singapore Studies module. Extremely high bidding points involved. I think I spent more than points on it. However it was really worth it. If you hate writing essays, this is THE module to take.

Also, this is the only SS module with assessments completely MCQ-based. Exams are open.

Natural Heritage

A world heritage Site is a natural man-made site, area or structure that has been recognized as being of outstanding international importance and therefore as deserving special protection. Sites are nominated to and designated by the World Heritage Convention (an organization of UNESCO).

It is up to the government to conserve this natural heritage for future generations to enjoy and utilise it either for recreational, scientific, economic, or any other reasons.

In recent 5/5(1). Aug 08,  · My x module review! ^^ SSS Natural Heritage, taken in Sem2 / (This module is offered only in SEM 2!) This is by far, the BEST module I've taken in NUS!

I highly recommend this module to people who doesn't like/can't write long essays during exams since the total number of essays that you have to write for this. Our natural heritage consists of many species which include more than 2, native vascular plant species, about 57 mammalian species, 98 reptile species, 25 amphibian species, bird species and many others (National Parks Board, ).

Natural heritage of singapore essay
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