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Letters of recommendation TIP: As stated previously, the music director from St. As long as you make the deadline, you will be put in the same pool as all the other applicants. SAT subject tests are optional. I will only have to pay for the books and supplies needed.

If Northwestern is a school that, if admitted, you would attend without hesitation, applying Early Decision best positions you within a competitive applicant pool. One letter should come from your high school counselor. Alumni Interviews are an optional component of the application process, available on a limited basis.

5 Successful “Why Northwestern” Essay Intros

Check out our other articles on College Essays. This is the question that has plagued the minds of Willard historians for years, and while its origins are unclear, the name has definitely stuck. When I attended the Northwestern McCormick School of Engineering information session, Dean Holtgreive talked about the Design Thinking and Communication class; it sounded exactly like the course of study I want to pursue.

IM Sports include football, dodgeball, and volleyball in the fall, basketball and floor hockey in the winter, and ultimate frisbee, softball, and soccer in the spring.

For students taking the ACT, we use the highest composite score that you choose to report. Sit back and relax. Applicants in both cycles are very competitive. Two descriptors stand out above the rest, however: There is no preference for either exam.

Among the residential colleges, Willard traditionally receives the highest ratio of applicants to available spots, so to be accepted, it is important to list Willard as your top choice.

Learn more about our school licenses here. How large can the mini-fridges be? To learn more, please visit our Application Options page. If you have an additional reference who would like to submit a letter on your behalf, we will accept supplemental letters of recommendation.

In my experience, the cleanliness of each bathroom varies considerably depending on how well people in that area of the floor take care of their bathroom. Should I bring a printer, copier or scanner? Is there an iron or ironing board in the Willard laundry room?

If I am fortunate enough to attend Northwestern University, I plan on taking advantage of all it has to offer academically to better my education and myself.

Why Northwestern College Essay Example 3 – Northwestern Supplement

Eugene Church, which is my family parish. The Application Process Is Willard only for freshmen and sophomores? As you read this Why Northwestern college essay examplethink about what you know about the school that really makes it resonate with you.

How far is the gym from Willard? Our new building will be fully air conditioned and each room will be individually temperature controlled!

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After reading this essay I hope you will see that Northwestern University is my dream school. It is comforting to know that I will not need to remain in the pre-med major if later I select another field of study.

Does Willard have air conditioning? Alumni interviews allow applicants to ask questions, and are primarily informational. It is in your best interest that each letter provides new or different information about you.

The following channels are merely an aperitif to whet your NUTV appetite: If Northwestern is one of your top choices, you should be able to succinctly explain why.

Standardized test scores TIP: Why are we so awesome? However, certain psychologists have determined that Willardites, when exposed to other Willardites, flourish within the community of awesome people.

Alumni feedback is included in your file, but not participating in an interview has no negative effect on your chance of admission.

Balanced, spirited, laidback, ambitious; although true, each word generalizes the depth of the overall university experience. Points are awarded for taking place in Willard activities and events. While having our own dining hall, bigger rooms, and better social events are nice and all, what really sets Willard apart from Shepard is the spirit.How to Write the Northwestern University Supplemental Essay August 11, | CollegeVine College Essay Team in College Essays, Essay Breakdown.

And if you want us to quickly edit your college essay. The North by Northwestern Freshman Housing Guide, featuring photos, videos, statistics and the opinions of current residents of Northwestern University's housing options.

A residential college has a theme and offers activities and specialized classes supported by faculty fellows. Northwestern University. Residential Services Ayers Residential College of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) Humanities Residential College (Chapin Hall) Public Affairs Residential College.

Willard Residential College. Residential College of Cultural and Community Studies ( Sheridan).

Why Northwestern College Essay Example 2 – Northwestern Supplement

Northwestern University Facts Northwestern University (NU or, less commonly, NWU) is a private research university with campuses in Evanston and Chicago in Illinois, United States. Northwestern has 12 undergraduate, graduate, and professional schools offering undergraduate degrees and graduate and professional degrees.

Why Northwestern College Essay Example 2 – Northwestern Supplement This is a college essay submitted by a student who graduated from Northwestern University in June Hopefully from reading this essay, you will be able to gain a better idea of what Northwestern University is looking for when answering the question, “Why Northwestern”.

"For which residential college(s) would you like to be considered and what would you like to contribute to it (them)? Residential College Essay. Sarah11 Registered User Posts: 8 New Member. June edited June in Northwestern University.

Northwestern residential college essay
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