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Despite her attempts at preoccupation through these means Alifa Rifaat remained frustrated at her inability to express herself and the societal issues she faced as a woman through literary means.

She then peers out the window to look at a minaret in Cairo, recounting how there used to be a view of multiple minarets before new buildings blocked them out. South End Press, He was someone whom she chose to marry and they had a few children together.

My World of the Unknown[ edit ] My World of the Unknown centers on a woman who enters into a sexual awakening with the aid of a jinni in the form of a snake. The study proves that both speaking and silence can be means of resistance against the authoritative discourse of men.

Her style, though focusing more on romance in the beginning of her career, later shifted to social critique after she met translator Denys John-Davies. Feminist Theory from Margin to Center.

Denys Johnson Davies, trans.


Bahiyya then recounts her childhood, her clitoridectomy by the women of her village, her widowhood and the hardships of raising children as a single mother. Feminists call for substituting the whole corrupted patriarchal system since they believe that egalitarianism will never be realized by unjust rules.

Gilbert, Sandra and Susan Gubar.

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Rifaat creates a story-within-story through granting Bahiyya a voice to tell her experience to her daughter. Even then, though, he discovered her writing and forbade her to do so. The Snake and Distant View of a Minaret.

Any correlation with real life ideas, facts, or citations are purely coincidental. She recalls how in the past she attempted to express her desire for sexual satisfaction to her husband which was met in return with denial and anger.

Retrieved Sep 22 from https: The decision of Esi to get separate from her husband was something that is very painstaking for the characters narrated by Mariama Ba and Alifa Rifaat. These authors are also very particular about demonstrating the fact that the colonial dominance of imperialism can be very well seen in their narrations.

The Egyptian modernist writer and reformer Qasim Amin argues against the Othering of women; a common and most of the time unquestionable Islamic belief, by saying that: The American University in Cairo Press, She courageously breaks away from the dominant discourse, by presenting these two non-conformist protagonists.

Distant View of a Minaret By: We see her finding more meaning in her faith than in her marriage. Thus, a man expects no more of a woman than of a pleasant pet whose needs are provided for by the master in return for his entertainment.

Rifaat, 3 This description of the view corresponds to the religious scene, which is also a patriarchal one.

This story deals with the issue of feminine pleasure. Bakhtin puts forward the theory that the element of carnival in literature is subversive; it disrupts authority and introduces alternatives.

Distant View of a Minaret and Distant View of a Minaret

Distant View of a Minaret and Other Stories. Sufferance has been depicted through the situational conditions that are predetermined in the selected social environment.

Bahiyya rejects this state of acceptance as she gets older and realizes the dilemma. Simone de Beauvoir also stresses this danger of Othering by stating that "what peculiarly signalizes the situation of woman is that she - a free and autonomous being like all human creatures - nevertheless finds herself living in a world where men compel her to assume the status of the Other" de Beauvoir, It contains real characters, ideas, and facts, as well as fictitions ones.

These stories handle themes such as sex, death, marriage, masturbationclitoridectomylove, teenage pregnancy, widowhoodand loss along with other controversial topics. The female characters of Mariama Ba and Alifa Rifaat are though very lifelike, yet are very traditional as they prefer to stick to the suppressed mental otr physical depression.

However, Ata Aidoo took the context further and added the dominance of women in establishing a life or relationship as her wish. The main theme of the works of The Snake is not appropriation, as The Tyranny of Husbands suggests, but preappropriation.

For that reason I cry out for complete and complementary love in all my writings. The Snake and Zeinat. When the woman and her husband move into a house the wife discovers a female jinni in the form of a snake who teaches her the height of sexual pleasure.

This idea of the need for a radical change in the system of values is stressed by Marxist-feminists who argue that the values related to women are intentionally disregarded.In "Distant View of a Minaret" by Alifa Rifaat, a lonely wife describes life with her husband as "a world from which she had been excluded" (Rifaat,p.

). Distant View of a Minaret.

Distant View of a Minaret and Other Stories by Alifa Rifaat

Distant View of a Minaret opens with a husband and wife performing the act of intercourse. The story is told from the wife’s point of view and it is quickly revealed that during this interaction she is both uninterested and feels estranged from her husband.

This is why, based on Rifaat’s short story Distant view of a minaret, the feelings and desires of an Egyptian married woman have transformed into a more distinct personal intimate intentions but not change as related to relationships with a husband.

On "Distant View of a Minaret" Essay examples Words 3 Pages In “Distant View of a Minaret” by Alifa Rifaat, a lonely wife describes life with her husband as “a world from which she had been excluded” (Rifaat,p. ). Night of Wishes The Dialectics in Distant Star Change or Keep Current Accounting Software The Trend Towards Fewer And Larger Farms As Economic Growth Occurs On "Distant View of a Minaret" Realizations in \ Star Wars Vs.

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