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Starting at C4 the sequence of notes we get is as follows.

Physics Essay: Making Music

Evolution has no time to waste and therefore these resources are likely used in an optimal way -- or at the very least any easy optimizations will have been done for a given organization of a brain. The brain normalizes tones by halving or doubling them until within a particular frequency range spanned by a factor of two.

The answer was, for the wind-up toy, "Energy makes it go. Partial Recognition Due to Redundant, Over-Determined Feature Vectors There is no rule that says that the features in a feature vector must be independent, that for every subset of features, there is some input that will fire those features and not the others.

Even if you say "a C major chord is C-E-G" there is no motivation as to how it is that C-E-G sound good together and other combinations of notes do not.

I turned the page.

Could someone predict sickness by observing these fluids get out of balance? No machine can keep up with the demands of a problem the size of which grows that fast. Timbral discrimination is so acute in humans that most of us can recognize hundreds of different voices.

If you cannot see immediately that it is wrong, and it is simpler than it was before, then it is right. Note that the second part above which looks for the conjunction of features may be realized by a more sophisticated mechanism than a simple AND gate that just fires its output when all of its inputs have fired: In the context of recognizing a thing as a member of a class, an abstract adjective is called a "feature".

An abstraction is a reduced amount of information that still serves the purpose. The brain is a massively parallel information processor and is able to retain multiple active possibilities for interpreting sentence, scene, and so on.

When humans tried to find a mechanical solution to the same problem, they invented the camera which is just an eye again.

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Is something fundamental to the ear and to sound itself that is going on here or not? We will use this below.

1 The Problem of Music

Virtually Physics of music essay of the tonal variation we hear -- the quality that gives a trumpet its trumpetiness and that gives a piano its pianoness -- comes from the unique way in which the loudnesses of the overtones are distributed.

Systematic Distortions from the Ideal Harmonic Series", finding the difference between what we hear and the ideal Harmonic Series is a valuable tool for recognizing people and determining their emotional state. It can sometimes be done, at least within a very constrained context of, say, shopping for cars or plane tickets.

Timbre is a consequence of the overtones Note further that it is unclear which terms should be capitalized; we treat as proper nouns any illusory Platonic ideal objects created by the mind: Therefore by playing multiple notes, on instruments having the same or similar timbre, and relying on Relative Pitch to subtract the differences for us, from distorted overtone series-es we can magically recreate parts of the ideal Harmonic Series!

A complex tone consisting of 10 harmonics of Hz having equal amplitude is presented, first with all harmonics, then without the fundamental, then without the two lowest harmonics, etc. When we double or halve a frequency, we end up with a note that sounds remarkably similar to the one we started out with.

Hmm, what would you experience if some but not all of the features in a vector were to fire? If you give chemicals to a person that are more toxic to the bacteria than the person, does the person get better? For this plot to mean something, we would want equal ratios to show up equally on the plot.

From [ Harmon-art-brain ]: We can see the parts working. New algorithms that solve common problems well are rare and highly valued. The distortions made by the overtone series of a given instrument to the ideal Harmonic Series are a predictable, systematic function of the instrument kind.

The timbre of a sound is the principal feature that distinguishes the grow of a lion form the purr of a cat, the crack of thunder from the crash of ocean waves, For example, people often infer the rules of a game from observation and without reading the rules. That sounds Latin so I guess these people are smart.

Having separate hardware in the brain for recognizing each combination of tones that co-occur in nature is sub-optimal and it would just be an expensive way to use up neurons.Physics Essays dedicates itself to the publication of stimulating exploratory, and original papers in a variety of physics disciplines, such as spectroscopy, quantum mechanics, particle physics, electromagnetic theory, astrophysics, space physics, mathematical methods in physics, plasma physics, philosophical aspects of physics, chemical.

Feb 01,  · I have to do a - word essay on "the physics of music". I'm usually pretty ok at essay writing and physics in general, but we haven't touched on sound much and i'm having trouble planning which topics to talk about Status: Resolved. Simple Harmonic Motion Essay IntroductionThis experiment is based on the natural facts that the metallic things get extension to certain limit depending upon their force constant.

The metallic bridge is constructed in such a way that they get extended to certain limit depending upon the traffic that passes through.5/5(4).

The Physics of Music Essay As the sound is propagated outward, it is “spread” over a greater area. The minimum sound intensity that can be detected by the human ear (called the threshold of hearing) is about W/m2. Read this essay on Physics of Music and Sound. Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays.

Get the knowledge you need in order to pass your classes and more. the physics of music and musical instruments david r.

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