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Advantages include clear authority, since the project manager is also the functional manager, and a clear focus, since everyone on the team has only the project for his primary responsibility.

The first is whether water distribution and maintenance Project organization should be undertaken by the same unit or two different ones; and the second is whether there should be an additional unit with specific responsibilities for assisting farmers in matters related to the water management at the watercourse or small group level, which is discussed further on in the text.

Some people might report to functional manager for whom little work is done, while actually working for one or more project managers. The reason for this is that the skills required in each case are very different. Small schemes which have been constructed by government usually lack the strong internal organization which is characteristic of the indigenous systems and often perform very poorly as a result.

The main disadvantage is that the reporting relationships are complex. Consider promoting Project organization project via the Wikipedia Signpost WikiProject desk. An obvious explanation for this is that it is more difficult to organize services to a large number of scattered small irrigation schemes than to a single large one.

The qualifications and training required by water distribution and maintenance staff are described in Chapters 5 and 6. For instance, a large project may have its own Human Resources staff, which could duplicate a central Human Resources Department.

Project organization Finance Department would work on its piece.

Apart from the physical difficulties of conveying water over much larger distances than would be necessary with a greater number of smaller wells, there are many more grounds for social conflict and it is much more difficult to establish communal responsibility for high standards of operation and maintenance.

In a project-based organization it is not so clear where everyone is reassigned when the project is completed. If other existing agencies in the area are poorly developed, the project should be invested with the responsibility for these services, at least initially until the other agencies acquire greater strength.

For these and other reasons, several governments of countries with previous experience of a divided administration are showing an increasing tendency to favour an integrated project authority with direct responsibility for coordinating both water management and agricultural activities.

For example, major benefits can frequently be obtained from installing permanent diversion structures in place of traditional temporary weirs, particularly in areas of heavy seasonal rainfall where valuable farming time tends to be lost at the end of each rainy season on repair and reconstruction work.

Indeed, unless such local groups can be formed, it is unlikely in many societies that the farmers chosen to participate at the project level will be genuinely representative of the mass of farmer opinion.

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It is also very important that, on new projects in already settled areas, the project management should ensure satisfactory provision of commercial services. Scope[ edit ] The project generally considers articles about any incorporated, registered, or otherwise legitimate organization to be within its scope.

Where their level of education and experience is low, the form of official-farmer relationship likely to produce the best results is one involving a high degree of supervision and support and a relatively low degree of delegation.

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Unless subjected to close management control, public tubewell operators have often taken advantage of their position of local monopoly to exploit the farmers who are dependent on the water from their wells; but group operation may also cause problems, particularly if the numbers involved are large.

This process may eventually lead to the manager becoming an appointee of Project organization farmers themselves, with government providing only a limited amount of supporting finance.

Another disadvantage is that project team members may have other responsibilities in the functional organization since they may not be needed full-time Project organization a project.

Also, check the Wikipedia: The results of these experiments can then be tested on each irrigation project and adapted to its own particular circumstances. This pattern, which is used by the Irrigation Associations in Taiwan Province Republic of Chinahas obvious merits over the following division of responsibilities which is not uncommon elsewhere: Officials and farmers Subject to certain limitations, it is generally desirable in the administration of any kind of agricultural project or programme that as much responsibility as possible should be delegated by government from its own officials to the farmers themselves.

In small-farmer agriculture, there will almost always be a need for intensive extension work on watercourse management in the early stages of an irrigation project.

Such an organizational pattern is usually feasible only when the project has been established for the primary purpose of producing high-value cash crops, often for export.

In general, a specialized water management organization is likely to be most feasible on medium-sized projects. However, intervention by government in the affairs of indigenous organizations should always be done with caution to avoid disrupting the relationships from which the traditional groups have derived their organizational strength.

They should also provide the best possible foundation on which to build a system of representative farmer participation in decision-making at the project level. An increase in the number of staff may often be required for this purpose and questions of organizational structure will also need to be considered.Project Organization chart can help one successfully drive several activities related to a project for its expected implementation.

It is used to create a structure that can foster seamless interaction between various teams and among team members without any conflict or overlapping%. Project Organization The Florida PALM Project falls under the State Chief Financial Officer and is led by the Project Director.

Project Organization

As shown below, the Project is organized into four work streams known as Tracks. In a functional organization structure, the project manager and all the resources work in the same company division, such as the sales and marketing department.

Generally, the functional manager has more authority than the project manager. Advantages. The project generally considers articles about any incorporated, registered, or otherwise legitimate organization to be within its scope. The term " organization " is applicable to any active or historical association, society, union, foundation, federation or corporation as well as any related and notable conferences or events.

A project organization is a structure that facilitates the coordination and implementation of project activities. Its main reason is to create an environment that fosters interactions among the team members with a minimum amount of.

Microsoft Project with an Office subscription is the latest version of Project. Previous versions include ProjectProjectand Project Project is compatible with Windows 10, Windowsand Windows 7.

Project organization
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