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Plot[ edit ] Claireece Precious Jones is an obese and illiterate year-old girl who lives in Harlem with her abusive mother Mary. One poem in particular, "Wilding," scandalized critics with its frank description of a Central Park gang rape. Critics have frequently commented on the angry yet intimate voice of Precious and her blunt, graphic language, to which many readers have attributed the emotional power of Push.

Despite the fact that her story is not ours, there Push response paper by sapphire the roots of everyman, everywoman, in her. Do you have them read more modern works? The best example of this is when my students were reading an essay about wetlands and thought the word c There is a debate or at least an ongoing conversation among teachers who help college students hone their reading skills.

What happens when everything except the soul of the individuals fails? These books deal with life in the inner city and are usually, though not always, published by small firms.

We see her angry and disruptive. An uplifting story with a good dose of sadness, but a story that many teachers will know, will recognize, and will be nodding their heads over. Her mother abandoned their family five years later.

Despite all the degradation she has endured from her abusive family and cruel classmates, she is not psychologically destroyed. Inarticulate and emotionally shut down, her massive body at once a prison and a hiding place, Precious is also perceptive and shrewd, possessed of talents visible only to those who bother to look.


Sapphire spoke at an event presented by Chicago Public Library in March. Sapphire is using language on many different levels.

Writing for the New York PressArmond White compared the film to the landmark but controversial The Birth of a Nation as "demeaning the idea of black American life," calling it "an orgy of prurience " and the "con job of the year. When I teach pre-college level reading, I make my students do book reports.

She meets her teacher, Ms. I have taught people who came from where Precious comes from. Sapphire was herself the victim of childhood sexual assault.

The novel was adapted inand the resulting film, Precious, garnered many accolades, including two Academy Awards. In she told the London Evening Standard that her father, a Korean War vet, had molested her at age eight.Free push papers, essays, and research papers.

Push - Sapphire, the author of the well-known book Push, grew up in the United States and taught literature to teenagers and adults in Harlem (Sapphire, II).

Push: A Novel Critical Essays

Push is the debut novel of American author Sapphire. Thirteen years after its release, it was made into Precious: Based on the Novel "Push" by Sapphire, a film that won two Academy Awards and was directed by Lee Daniels Plot. Claireece Precious Jones is an obese and illiterate "Push" Response Paper by Sapphire PUSH Paper Assignment Sara Louise Saad Part I: The Plot Sixteen-year-old Precious Claireece Jones, the main character of Push lives in Harlem, New York, in an apartment with her mother.

The point of view in Push is first person.

Sapphire Critical Essays

We as readers see the entire book through the eyes of Precious. When the novel Push was first published inthe author, Sapphire, immediately began receiving requests to translate the book to film.

She finally agreed to do so after seeing Director Lee.

'Push' author Sapphire revisits childhood abuse in second novel

Push by Sapphire (Essay) - Free download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. My perspective on some of the themes in the book/5(1). PUSH essaysPushy by Sapphire is a novel spoken through the voice of Claireece Precious Jones dealing with her experiences in the two major classrooms, one being her family setting and the other her education experiences.

The novel contains many graphic descriptions of many touchy subjects including.

Push response paper by sapphire
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