The affirmative answers of charles murray to the article are too many people going to college

The author also divides up their argument by separating each of their claims into sections with a different prompt question for each, leaving for a well-organized, well-supported argument. He explains all of this with a logical progression of thought and accounting for multiple variables, making his arguement clear and understandale.

The lower down the linguistic ladder the student is, the less likely the student will be having fun. So pushing the trade school or GED concept in schools with latinos and African American students is pushed way more than college and college is pushed in schools overloaded with white students and asian students.

However, I see the value in a college education personally.


The thing is that the person is mediocre in the skills needed for being a manager but excels in the skills needed to be an excellent electrician. American education administrators reinforce the message by instructing guidance counselors to steer as many students as possible toward a college-prep track".

We should provide more options, example vocational schools that will help them succeed. He states that he does NOT believe that to many people are attending college but thinks that it should not be peoples only option after high school. Whereas in reality it is not always like that.

College can be very beneficial socially and educationally but is not for everyone.

He says that going to a four year school might not be necessary because the average student is taking 32 courses within those years and that is more than enough to take the required classes for their appropriate field of study. Whether you attend college or not, there are multiple paths in life that can lead to success and happiness.

College can provide certain opportunities in the future for someone but is mostly overrated and overvalued. Above all, my choice of college is not only to secure my future or make a living but it is for the knowledge.

Not everyone that goes to college ends up successful.

He says that most core knowledge should be learned in the K-8 grades, while high school should be more survey courses such as humanities and social sciences.

I also agree that a B. But why does he think this? In addition he also writes that, "Finding a first-rate skilled laborer is hard. Many people are really interested by the previous option rather than spending four years in college to learn.

Murray argues that the educational system we have in place today pressures young people to strive for college and college only, disregarding whether they are truly interested or prepared for higher education.College as an Opportunity to Succeed in Life and the Lack of People in College in Charles Murray's Are Too Many People Going to College.

I agree that too many people going to college. The reason why agree with Murray is because today there are a large number of opportunity apart of college for young people or in general people in the society.

The author Charles Murray says there are too many people going to college without really saying it. The essay is written in a way that his audience will understand by the time they finish reading that he has many valid points.

He Persuades his readers with facts and counters arguments to false. The article authored by Charles Murray and titled “Are too many people going to college”, contains substantial information that pertain the enrollment of many people into college.

It is agreeable that liberal education is one of the key things to consider because of its nature and importance. Nov 10,  · Among those answering yes is Charles Murray, a political scientist and scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, who is quoted as saying, “The four-year residential program leading to a B.A.

is the wrong model for a large majority of young people.” Are Too Many Students Going to College?

Are Too Many Students going. In this article, "Are too many people going to college?", author Charles Murray answers just this question with an argument that yes, too many people are going to college, and then backs up this position with an analysis of the American college system and its universal flaws.

The affirmative answers of charles murray to the article are too many people going to college
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