The countries known for human trafficking

Apart from that, a lot of people are bought into India from Nepal as India is a fast developing country and in need of a lot of labour.

Top 10 Countries Infamous for Human Trafficking

It allows the U. India Human trafficking is a major problem in India. To be a Tier 1 country in regards to the TVPA, a country must be in compliance with the minimum standards of the of the TVPA, with evidence of their compliance readily available. The countries that are listed here are all found in the "3rd tier" under the aforementioned act.

Trafficking victims are subjected to forced labor or sexual exploitation in the Middle East. NGOs have risen to fill this gap and provide services to victims. It is a source and transit country, with estimates being that Belarussians are trafficked to around 30 countries.

This takes place especially in the Sindh and Punjab regions of Pakistan. The LTTE sometimes forcibly recruited these children to be used in the war against the government. Some of these countries listed on the Tier 3 have corrupt governments who have turned a blind eye, or, even worse, the governments themselves are directly involved in, and profiteering from, the human trafficking trade.

Young people in developing countries are often the victims of choice for human traffickers, although human trafficking can affect a wide diversity of people.

It is difficult to battle something you do not have a clear picture of, which is the case with many of the countries in Tier 3. Apart from that, these children are forced into fishing, begging, agriculture etc. It is seen that human trafficking is carried out more in poor, under-developed or developing countries than in the rich and developed ones.

The Marshall Islands, in particular, has put little to no effort into providing useful data about victims to anti-human trafficking organizations, and does not contribute anything significant to the international dialogue surrounding Human Trafficking. Sometimes, children are injured on purpose so that people give money to them out of sympathy but this money goes straight into the pockets of the traffickers.

Traffickers make use of this fact and lure poor people into trafficking for labour which is gruesome and hardly pays anything. But what makes Haiti worse from other countries in this matter is that these prostitutes are young girls aged China is a source, a transit and a destination for human trafficking.

It is a major hub for trasit routes all across the world. Middle East Traffickers in the Middle East target men, women, and children alike. The government sends workers to China or Siberia for forced manual labor, and all of this money goes to the government.

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These people have a very terrible life.For some, slavery might be a thing they only see in the history books they had at school but for the people in the 11 countries with the highest rates. These countries made the Tier 3 List of the US State Dept.'s Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking In Persons in Young people in developing countries are often the victims of choice for human traffickers, although human trafficking can affect a wide diversity of people.

To many around the. A Fascinating Map of the Worst Countries for Modern Slavery China, Russia, and Uzbekistan are among the countries that face sanctions for their lack of progress on human trafficking. Olga Khazan. 5 of the Worst Countries for Human Trafficking.

Human trafficking in Europe

The crime, recognized by the United Nations' World Day Against Trafficking in Persons, exploits people for sex or forced labor.

Human trafficking in Europe is a regional manifestation of the wider practice of trade Economic hardship and promises of prosperity have left many people vulnerable to trafficking within their countries and to destinations in other parts of Europe and the world. The connection between military bases and sex work is a well-known.

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The countries known for human trafficking
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