The ipl was well marketed

There are various reasons why cricket is much followed and the cricketers are worshipped as god.

Was the IPL marketed well?

Conflicts and controversies pull the attention of people. Here are some of the reasons why cricket is very popular in India, Cricket is a very simple game to learn and follow.

It changed the feeling of cricket itself, made it fast paced, exciting and appealing. The IPL explored the possibilities of the dalliance of T20 with the world of entertainment thus bringing a closure to the needs of the consumers who were bored with drawn or washed out Test matches or soggy soap operas.

Cricket has united various cultures and religions in our country. Cricket and Entertainment Industry. The game was just the utilitarian aspect. Thus we can clearly see that the IPL consists of mostly spurious followers who would switch given a better option and, in effect, actually leads to the loss of a certain section of puritan true fans of cricket because of its overkill.

The result was a heady marketing cocktail to quote Business Standard. Marketing Strategy of IPL: There are huge stakes involved and money is spun in all possible angles to help the brand IPL grow.

Celebrities Apart from the celebrity players, the owners and even the brand ambassadors of various teams were flamboyant and contributed to the secondary associations of IPL.

The Ipl Was Well Marketed

No complications on how the game is played. Franchises are owned by film stars like Shahrukh Khan, Pretty Zinta. Timing of the matches, evening time so that people can tune in after work or school or college. How to Write a Summary of an Article? On the hoarding outside your office window, on your Android device as an app, on the public transport vehicle which you use to commute and even on your computers through YouTube and other portals.

This along with the fact that it was cricket made sure that the Indian viewer was hooked. This concept was added as there were some players who if played in some other team would have caused huge disappointment to their fans, like if Sachin Tendulkar played for some other team than Mumbai Indians it wold crush the Mumbai fans.

The BCCI used many tactics including threatening players who joined ICL that they would not be picked up for national team, raising prize money, inviting celebrities… to eventually crush the ICL format that had started almost a year before.

Roping in leading singers, music directors, actress and actors to perform in IPL. IPL tapped in the popularity of cricket in India and made huge money out of it.

The IPL stimulated consumers across the spectrum on the parameters of innovation, excitement, action and entertainment and literally forced them into buying into its equity. The league was founded by Board of Control for cricket in India in It has also ingredients for controversy marketing making it popular with everyone.

It was Integrated Marketing communication at its best, no channel no mode of communication was left: IPL has all ingredients to succeed; best cricketers from the world, fans across the globe, glamour quotient by the entertainment industry of India, corporates and Indian politicians. TV, newspaper, internet, mobiles, every communication was uniform in promoting IPL during its launch and its subsequent seasons.

So when a batsman succumbed to a Karbonn Kamal catch while trying to go for a DLF Maximum, it was considered to be a Citi moment of success. Opening ceremony gala, Live concerts. IPL was marketed as a wholesome package and not just cricket. This has helped in reaching every household in India and helped the country produce many talented cricketers among which Sachin Tendulkar fondly know as little master or god of cricket embraced the game.The IPL was well marketed Not so humble origins: In the Board of Control for Cricket India, initiated the Indian Premier League (IPL) -a professional league for Twenty20 cricket format competition.

But IPL had changed the thinking to the new audience and. new generation of audience embraced the game, and everything happened in very short span of the time. So was. Cinema Halls: IPL has also tied up with PVR cinemas to stream IPL matches and many public places.

This has helped increase the viewership of IPL and enhance its image as a. The IPL tried to penetrate the mind of the consumer using continuous bombardment of its marketing messages rather than subtly trying to get the message through.

As a result, the IPL is the hoarding outside your office wi. Was IPL well marketed??

Even in the earlier avatars of IPLs, there have been attempts to present IPL more as an experience rather than just a sport. It had been made a confluence of Hollywood, Bollywood, Dance, Drama, flesh and obviously cricket too.

Was IPL Marketed Well? History of IPL IPL is the “Domestic” professional league for T20 in India. Envisioned by Lalit Modi, it came into existence after India won the T20 World Cup and to counter the unofficial Indian Cricket League.

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The ipl was well marketed
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