The now wedding case

Finally, they would need to addressed, taken to the post office and then sent from there. The financial resources, The now wedding case by the brides father, were necessary to move up the processing time especially where the brides dress was concerned.

The resources required for this project were mainly people and money. Conner had been notified that he was being deployed with the National Guard on January 30th. We want a week for a honeymoon. Notice of the loss is received on January The lace can be replaced locally and fitted while waiting for the dresses to be delivered.

After designating a letter to each activity an immediate precedence was needed for each. Jacks, use airfreight, or anything like that. The Wedding Case The Campus Wedding Case In order to develop a network diagram for the wedding plans it was compulsory to develop a table with the list of activities and their precedence relationships.

Following is the Stop Light Chart which would be used at the beginning of the project: The major constraint the wedding couple faced was the time constraint, trying to pull all of the elements together in order to create the perfect wedding would have been difficult at best.

The first task that needed to be accomplished was to secure the church and reception hall, until the address of the wedding is determined and secured the invitations could not be sent out.

The budget needs to be set immediately and using the budget form above the wedding party has created the master list of objectives and goals. The activity chart from given conversation is as given below: Since Lauren was adamant on having the wedding on January 21 as was Connor for obvious reasonsthe implications of each of The now wedding case complications had to be assessed.

Mother comes down with the three-day flu as she starts work on the guest list January 2. Heavens, that will take 4 days to get in order and only I can understand our address file.

Utilizing the stop light will keep the project on track with constant updates as to the progress on each item. Supreme Court decision in Masterpiece Cakeshop v.

Supreme Court rules for Colorado baker in same-sex wedding cake case

It would take another 2 days to do the final fitting and 2 more days to clean and press the dresses. That will be elegant. If the project were started on January 1, the Mother getting the flu would not have impacted the guest list completion as it would have been completed by January 2.

It takes 8 days to order and receive the material. These activities include the decoration Because on January 30 Connor, who is in the National Guard, will be shipping out overseas. Religious tolerance Kennedy wrote that there is room for religious tolerance, pointing specifically to how the Colorado commission treated Phillips by downplaying his religious liberty concerns.

With a three day shipping time on dresses there would still be time to have fittings and alterations done. With regards to the invitations, before they need to be printed, the style of the invitations needs to be picked and then the guest list would need to be created in order to find out how many individuals are coming; therefore how many invitations would need to be printed.

They would have to be ready by rehearsal night. Phillips took his case to the Colorado Court of Appeals, arguing that requiring him to provide a wedding cake for the couple violated his constitutional right to freedom of speech and free exercise of religion. Jacks to work on the dresses.

The pattern for the dress would need to be chosen first and then the material. Lauren and Conner wanted to have a week for a honeymoon before the deployment. Part B There would be no conflict caused by the Chairman of the Vestry Committee not reducing the notice period from 14 to 7 days and I would not have recommended using the extra funds to reduce the notice period as the requirement for 14 days notice has been met by depositing the funds to secure the room on the 1st of January.

Because Justice Clarence Thomas concurred in part, the judgment of the court on the case was but the opinion on the rationale was Chapter 9 Reducing Project Duration Mom: We would reduce the time it takes of the mother of the bride to put together the guest list by utilizing all available resources manning having all attendants present to create the list and a comprehensive address list thereby minimizing the risk of one person having all this information.

The Now Wedding will be the social hit of the year. It would take us 2 days to choose the invitation style before we could order them and we want the envelopes printed with our return address. The more people helping to bring all the elements together, the quicker everything could get done.

The Maid of Honor needs to be brought in immediately to participate in the planning and execution and to have measurements taken on sight to avoid the risk of the dresses not being made correctly.

After reading and analysing the case, a total number of 20 activities were found, the activities ranged from the church reservation to the actual wedding.

That has to be done before we can start decorating, which takes 3 days. Everything should be ready rehearsal night.View Lab Report - Group 1 Wedding-part1 from PMC IMSE at University of Michigan, Dearborn. Case study: The Wedding Scope: 1.

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The United States Supreme Court is expected to issue its opinion in the Colorado case surrounding a gay wedding cake. It's a legal battle that's lasted for more than 5 years. The Wedding Case The Campus Wedding Case In order to develop a network diagram for the wedding plans it was compulsory to develop a table with the list of activities and their precedence relationships.

For this project I reviewed the case, The “Now” Wedding – Part A, out of the textbook, Project Management the Managerial case is summarized below and 10 questions are also answered about what the current situation is, what needs to happen, what the constraints are, what resources are required, who is responsible for the.

Running Head: WOW Wedding Final Project The “NOW” Wedding Final Project by A Paper Presented in Partial Fulfillment Of the Requirements of MGMT Project Management Fundamentals November The “NOW” Wedding Lauren and Conner announced on December 31st that they were going to be married on January 21st.


The now wedding case
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