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The Pacer Docket Search is a program that searches the approximately 2. It can also provide the information necessary to develop concrete performance standards.

This dataset includes all of the data compiled by Lynn M.

For a business school, law school, or other library Commercial Subscription. This information can be used to formulate job-related selection criteria and screening tools such as interview questions.

LoPucki and Joseph W.

The BRD is user-supported. The College Personnel Office is available to assist you in writing job descriptions that are consistent with College policy. WebBRD data can be accessed through several online tools. If we missed yours, please let us know and we will be delighted to add it.

A sample of the Cases table is posted here. The Cases table consists of about fields of regression-ready data on each BRD case. The BRD contains data on all of Ucla writing program more than one-thousand large public companies that have filed bankruptcy cases since October 1, The BRD consists of five sets of data: Our annual count of publications and dissertations shows that was our best year yet, with 26 publications and nine dissertations.

We appreciate the continuing support of the academic community! For Classification Purposes Job analysis can provide information necessary for classifying positions and for making objective determinations about the relative value of a specific job in comparison with other jobs.

A window on the world of big-case bankruptcy.

In Performance Appraisals Job analysis can create a detailed, objective description of the position that allows both the supervisor and the employee to have a shared understanding of the job. For Training Purposes Job Analysis can assist in developing objectives, standards and curricula for individual and group training.

The Cases table can be used, alone or in conjunction with data from other sources, to predict the outcomes of cases, to evaluate bankruptcy investments, to select professionals, to predict professional fees, and to conduct virtually any kind of research on big-case bankruptcies. The Professional Fees study data.

Reports What is the BRD? The routing process of the form is diagramed below: A primary feature of this program is a job description form for staff positions which allows for the systematic documentation of both duties and tasks and worker qualifications.

There are three ways to purchase a Cases table: For a law, accounting, financial, or other firm use. Coverage includes cases filed under Chapter 7 and Chapter 11, whether filed by the debtors or creditors. Run-a-Study enables users to design and run a study of any of about 20 variables.

For a professor or student writing for publication. We consider a company "public" if it filed an Annual Report form K or form 10 with the Securities and Exchange Commission for a year ending not less than three years prior to the filing of the bankruptcy case.

Doherty as part of their study of professional fees in BRD cases disposed of from through The Case Summaries show all of the data for a case on a single screen.

We update most of our data monthly.What is the BRD? The UCLA-LoPucki Bankruptcy Research Database (BRD) is a data collection, data linking, and data dissemination project of the UCLA School of Law.

INTRODUCTION: Definition of Job Analysis Uses of Job Analysis Legal and Policy Requirements The UCLA Program DEFINITION OF JOB ANALYSIS Job analysis is a process of systematically collecting, analyzing and documenting the important facts about a.

Ucla writing program
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