Unit 6 assignment medical terms

Patient was transferred to medical floor. Neuro checks reduced to every 4 hours. A neurology consultation was obtained.

Your patient is Mrs. Neurologist confirmed the diagnosis of an ischemic stroke after an MRI of the brain demonstrated an ischemic area of the left cerebral cortex caused by a cerebral embolism. Husband states that patient is taking medication daily.

CT scan showed negative for an intracerebral hemorrhage. Cite your reference s in APA format at the end of your explanation. No further neurological deficits noted. No further decline noted. Using the information provided in Progress Note above, please complete the following information.

Informed patient and family to follow-up with neurologist one week after discharge from rehab. Physical examination shows the patient was alert, and oriented x 2.

Type your translation of the Progress Note below. Right pupil was sluggish to respond to light. Husband states the patient was unable to drink her coffee without the liquid spilling down her face. She showed a steady decline within minutes developing ataxia, dysphagia, and dysarthria.

Use of walker with one assist. After sitting at the breakfast table, the patient began to rise, when she fell to the floor, and was unable to stand up without help.

Reglan given IV and normal saline was increased to drops per minute for 2 hours, then titrated down to Instead of entering your answers into the crossword puzzle, enter your responses in the table provided.

The patient was given Alteplase 0. Gait and grip improving. Enter your responses to the crossword puzzle here.

Aggrenox started one capsule bid. ABGs showed low 02 saturation. You may need to use outside sources. Mild confusion noted to place. Mannitol was started IV post Alteplase infusion.

Neuro checks ordered q 2 hrs. Third day inpatient stay was unremarkable. Your explanation to Rae Sibley should be words or more.

Gait was not assessed at this time due to hemiparesis.

Her daughter, Rae Sibley, has just arrived from Colorado. There are 20 answers No. Right lower extremity was flaccid. Per the husband, the patient was reaching in the cupboard for a dish, when her right arm started to fall. Patient transferred to ICU.

Family educated on treatment plan, patient transferred to extended care facility for rehabilitation. Please be sure use complete sentences, proper grammar, and spelling.Read this essay on Hs Unit 4 Assignment.

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View Homework Help - medical terminology unit 6 assignment 2 from MEDICAL SC at Kaplan University, Davenport. Anatomy and physiology 2 Emmett 89%(9). Terms from chapters 10 and 11 of Exploring Medical Language, a Student-Based Approach, 8th Edition (Brooks and Brooks) Search.

terms. ALunde. HS (Kaplan) Unit 6. Terms from chapters 10 and 11 of Exploring Medical Language, a Student-Based Approach, 8th Edition (Brooks and Brooks). Free Essays on Hs Medical Terminology Kaplan University Unit 8 Project for students.

Use our papers to help you with yours 1 - Kaplan University MT Business Process Management Unit 6 Assignment Professor Janice Flegle March 12, Unit. published this ; no reads; Terms.

HS Unit 6 Assignment In this assignment you will proofread the Progress Report listed below. Next, you will identify the 10 mistakes that are listed in the report. The mistakes could be misspellings, incorrect abbreviations or misuse of a medical term%(6).

Unit 6 assignment medical terms
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